Volunteer Registraton Confirmation


Thank you for submitting your Volunteer Agreement Form. Here are the main points of the Agreement you just signed. Please retain and review.

The Sedona Summer Solstice Festival hereby agrees to provide the following:

  • Opportunity to be of service in this life-changing event
  • Festival admission discount (scholarship also available)
  • Requests for attending specific lectures, workshops, etc… will be honored on a first-come, first-serve basis

I , {Name (First):5.3} {Name (Last):5.6}, hereby agree to fulfill my commitment to The Sedona Summer Solstice Festival by providing the following services:

  • Be on time for my jobs and assignments
  • Attend all volunteer meetings at announced days and times
  • Have a positive appearance & disposition as well as good, clean hygiene
  • Promote the Sedona Summer Solstice Festival by passing out flyers and through word of mouth
  • Keep my Volunteer Coordinator informed as to where I post flyers and ads

We invite you to visit our Festival page and explore the upcoming Solstice Event.

Thank you!

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