Druid Priestess Linda Mae


Linda Mae Square

Druid Linda Mae

Linda Mae has been on her Spiritual Path all of her life, a path that has taken many twists and turns over the years. She studied Qabalah and the Tree of Life for many years with Servants of the Light, a mystery school, culminating in the achievement of First Degree Adeptus.

Soon after completing the yearlong study of A Course in Miracles Workbook Lessons for Students, she was led to the Druid Path, and has been following that path for over 25 years, leading ceremonies and teaching others, as well as being active in the leadership of several Druid organizations, and ordained as clergy. She is currently the Founder and Chief Druid Priestess of Druids of the Light.

Her introductory book on the Druid Path, Ancient Wisdom Now, is available in the Unity bookstore as well as at the Festival. And her newest book, Journey of Awakening, is available for pre-order.

Presentation: Opening Ceremony

Druid Priestess Linda Mae will be leading our opening ceremony to welcome the day. This short yet moving ceremony is based upon ancient Druidic ritual practices, as she honors the time of the darkest night and the return of the light.

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