Musical Performer David Young


Musical Performer David Young

David Young

David Young David Young is a twice nominated Grammy musician who plays two renaissance flutes at one time in harmony. He has recorded 57 albums and sold over one million copies. He is a healer, channel, author of three books and an artist. Many people have reported having out of body experiences while listening to his music, such as shared experiences with Ascended Teachers and reconnecting with their loved ones in Heaven.

David’s music, humor and energy will transport you through time and space, regardless of your spiritual background or length of time on your spiritual path. His Musical Affirmation CDs have been approved by the APA (the American Psychological Association) because of their therapeutic qualities and the thread that connects all of his music is that David plays two flutes at one time. This creates a harmonic resonance and a frequency that millions of people all over the world have experienced and call “The Most Heavenly Music on Earth.”

Wellness Centers and healers of all kinds; Reiki practitioners, therapists, psychics, yoga studios and spas use his music all day long because they feel that his music is the most healing music on the planet. John Hopkins Medical Centers actually have entire floors that play his music 24/7 for this reason

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