2017 Sedona Winter Solstice Presenters


Sunny Dawn Johnston Keynote Speaker

Sunny Dawn Johnston

Sunny Dawn Johnston is a world-renowned author, inspirational speaker, spiritual teacher and psychic medium. Over the last seventeen years, Sunny has performed thousands of private sessions, readings, and workshops which have helped people connect with their heart and release the things that hold them back from being their greatest version of themselves. Combining the unconditional love of a mother and the tell-it-like-it-is honesty of a best friend, Sunny helps people move into a higher vibration of living … and a higher vibration of Being. Using her spiritual and intuitive gifts, she shines a light on the areas of lack, fear, and insecurity! She is the author of 20 books, presents online courses, and has spoken worldwide on the subjects of IntuitionHealing the HeartAngels, and Self-Love. Also, Sunny has been featured on numerous television and radio shows, appeared in the documentary, Sacred Journey of the Heart and starred in “A Séance with …” on the Lifetime Movie Network (LMN). She is also the publisher of 365 Days of Angel Prayers. For more information about Sunny, please go to

Michael Mirdad Keynote Speaker

Michael Mirdad

Michael Mirdad is a world-renowned spiritual teacher, healer and author. He has worked as a healer and counselor for over 30 years and is the author of the best-selling books “The Seven Initiations on the Spiritual Path”, “You’re Not Going Crazy…You’re Just Waking Up!”, “Healing the Heart & Soul”, and his latest book “Creating Fulfilling Relationships.”
Michael has facilitated thousands of classes, lectures, and workshops throughout the world on mastery, spirituality, relationships and healing and is commonly referred to as a “teacher’s teacher” and a “healer’s healer.” He has been featured as a keynote speaker in the world’s largest expos and conferences and has been on radio, television and various internet programs, as well as being featured in several magazines, including Whole Self Times, Sedona Journal, Yoga Journal, and the cover feature of Evolve magazine. He is respected as one of the most diverse healers of our time and for his ability to share the deepest teachings in a clear, applicable manner. Learn more at

“Michael Mirdad is a bright light glowing with wisdom and heart. I deeply respect his work, which offers integrity and vision. I love this man, and so will you.” — Alan Cohen, Author, The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
“Michael Mirdad speaks from his heart and reaches directly to the heart of his audiences. Michael’s entertaining anecdotes com-bine perfectly with his wealth of knowledge and passion for teaching. But one of the things I love most about him is his commit-ment to teaching Christ Consciousness. I respect and love Michael so much for being unafraid to be who he is and for blazing trails back into Oneness. Michael Mirdad heals with his very presence and words.” Dr. Doreen Virtue, Author, Angel Cards


Keith Varnum

Keith Varnum has focused his unique spirit on helping people explore, enjoy and embrace the adventure of life for the last 30 years. From the wisdom of native tribal cultures and ancient spiritual traditions, Keith shares his distillation of the underlying principles of all healing and transformation.

After curing himself of blindness, he has applied his approach to human dynamics in a practical way as a Matrix Energetics Coach, Vision Quest Nature Adventure guide, international seminar leader, author, acupuncturist, filmmaker, gardener, radio talk show host, owner-chef of two gourmet natural foods restaurants and vice president of the country’s largest natural food company.

When not exploring consciousness in the canyons of Arizona with the Sedona Nature Adventures, Keith travels around the world assisting people to open to life’s wonders and surprises in his Dream Workshops (see And now Keith offers Life Coaching with Matrix Energetics!

David Young

David Young

David Young David Young is a twice nominated Grammy musician who plays two renaissance flutes at one time in harmony. He has recorded 57 albums and sold over one million copies. He is a healer, channel, author of three books and an artist. Many people have reported having out of body experiences while listening to his music, such as shared experiences with Ascended Teachers and reconnecting with their loved ones in Heaven.

David’s music, humor and energy will transport you through time and space, regardless of your spiritual background or length of time on your spiritual path. His Musical Affirmation CDs have been approved by the APA (the American Psychological Association) because of their therapeutic qualities and the thread that connects all of his music is that David plays two flutes at one time. This creates a harmonic resonance and a frequency that millions of people all over the world have experienced and call “The Most Heavenly Music on Earth.”

Wellness Centers and healers of all kinds; Reiki practitioners, therapists, psychics, yoga studios and spas use his music all day long because they feel that his music is the most healing music on the planet. John Hopkins Medical Centers actually have entire floors that play his music 24/7 for this reason

Learn more at

Druid Linda Mae

Druid Linda Mae

Druid Linda Mae has been following the path of the ancient Druids since 1991. She was ordained as clergy in 2007 by the Fellowship of Druidism in the Latter Age (FoDLA).

Linda Mae has been presenting public ritual and classes since 1991 to teach others more about history, lore, and application of this interesting and colorful culture.

Her introductory book on the Druid Path, Ancient Wisdom Now, is available in the Unity bookstore as well as at the Festival.


Mario & Mary Lou

Mario & Mary Lou are accomplished musicians and group facilitators who will be leading us in The Dances of Universal Peace.

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