Druid Priestess Linda Mae


Druid Linda Mae

Linda Mae has been following the path of the ancient Druids for over 25 years. She was ordained as clergy several years ago by the Fellowship of Druidism in the Latter Age (FoDLA) and she is in the process of founding her own Druid organization called Druids of the Light, which focuses on anchoring the Light of the Heavens onto the Earth.

Linda Mae has been presenting public ritual and classes since 1991 to teach others more about history, lore, and application of this interesting and colorful culture, and is currently accepting students who are interested in deeper training.

Her introductory book on the Druid Path, Ancient Wisdom Now, is available in the Unity bookstore as well as at the Festival.


Presentation: Opening Ceremony

Druid Priestess Linda Mae will be leading our opening ceremony to welcome the day. This short yet moving ceremony is based upon ancient Druidic ritual practices, as she honors the time of the darkest night and the return of the light.

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